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The Borgo-Fattoria “La Montanina is located in the heart of Casentino, one of the most suggestive valleys in Tuscany.

Situated between the provinces of Arezzo and Florence, Casentino owes its fame to its forests rich in beech and chestnut trees and its historical remains (Etruscan, medieval and Renaissance).

Among them we remember the Castle of the Guidi Counts in Poppi (15 km from La Montanina) where resided Dante Alighieri, father of the Italian language and another place that occupies the spiritual route of the area extendind from La Verna (place of worskip of St.Francis), at the hermitage of Camaldoli (famous medieval convent of hermit monks).

La Montanina, whose first settlement dates back to 1200, the time when a castle of the Guidi Counts was built here, over the centuries has maintained its appearance as a fortified village.
Only in 1500, on the remains of the castle, the family of the noble Cherici Mascagni built the villa that still today, surrounded by farmhouses (currently intended as an agriturismo) represents the beating heart of the village.

The small Borgo-Fattoria, which for its historical characteristics is partly under the protection of Cultural Heritage, has maintained, thanks to a wise and careful conservative restoration, the taste of the ancient Tuscan agricultural settlement.

The villa is surrounded by a large and well-kept garden with fragrant flowers and the private chapel of the family, which form the suggestive frame of the entire complex.

Closing your eyes you can project into ancient and noble dimensions that leave room for dreams with candles to adorn the long streets of the village.

Niccolò, Tuscan doc, last descendant of the family Cherici Mascagni manages the farm that is under the farm.

For me La Montanina is definitely a place linked to the history of our beautiful region,
Tuscany, but above all, of my family.

A place where child, I took the first steps in the garden, under the watchful eye of my
grandfather, milestone, and that today, I personally care to ensure that all the
teachings extracted continue to consolidate in time.”.

Niccolò Cherici Mascagni

Niccolò was the winning Captain of the Porta crucifera district of the Saracino carousel
(and registered in the Carousel golden register).

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Niccolò and Mrs Cristiana, the lady of the house, who after so many years of dedication
to teaching, is the heart and soul of the whole estate.

Her love for her family and the estate is easily recognizable in every detail and, particularly in the care and attention she dedicates to each of her guests.